Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Amish Bread!

Of course I've still been baking, even if I haven't been posting. I've started baking on a weekly basis for the BLOC coffee shop in Price Hill. I've made some wonderful breads and brownies and bars, and have now moved to quick breads and muffins for the breakfast crowd. I'm also starting school next week. I've opted to get a Culinary certificate this year, and then do the two year Pastry degree, as that's what I've really wanted to do.

And I have some Amish Friendship bread starter on hand! I aquired a starter from my aunt, and have patiently sat with it through the whole cycle- twice. The first time I baked the bread in the traditional manner. Now... now I'm going to get more creative. So expect to see some posts (and maybe even photos!) of new recipies I find. Thank goodness I can donate the excess to the BLOC! Though I'm not sure how much excess I'll have on this first batch of experimentation. I'm thinking....chocolate...