Saturday, June 4, 2011

Big News!

Thursday night, after touring the kitchens at the Midwest Culinary Institute, I applied for Culinary school.

Initially I was disappointed, as the pastry program I was originally looking at was full for the year, but I've decided to get both a Culinary degree, and a Pastry degree. This will be made faster and easier by the number of courses that are included in both degree programs, and the number of general education classes I'll already have credit for thanks to my Bachelors degree. I'm so excited about the field of opportunities this career path will open up for me. With Literature, the only real career path was publish and pray for tenure, while working in the Adjunct trenches for who knows how long. Now, I could work just about anywhere, or open my own business. The possibilities are endless, and the demand for trained chefs is high- and the Institute has a 95% success rate of placing graduates within three months of graduation. Having co-ops will help with that, and paying for school.

It won't be cheap, as I'll have to pay tuition, buy books, and equipment, and a uniform, but I'm really excited about it. Technically I haven't been accepted yet... but unless the Culinary classes are full as well, there shouldn't be a problem.

In other news, the Black Forest cake I baked was apparently a great success. And though it didn't have the alcohol in it, I was told that "by the time in the night that we broke into it, it didn't really matter."

Best of all, I have my ultimate masterpiece- the best cheesecake I've ever baked. I used the water bath method out of the Joy of Cooking cookbook and it's rich, creamy and smooth, and utterly to die for. It went over very well at the family party I baked it for, and I anticipate playing around with the recipe to make other delicious creations.

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